Service Dogs For Soldiers

I found this in my inbox this morning, and think it is a worthy cause that requires nothing more than a click.


“From now through Independence Day (July 4th), Dog Bless You, a community created and led by filmmaker, Annenberg Foundation Director and Founder of, Charles Annenberg Weingarten, is spearheading a campaign to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder.  Dubbed Dog Bless U.S.A., the initiative provides people with an easy way to show support. Organizers aren’t asking for donations, but rather for people to show support by “liking” the Dog Bless You Page.  Every 5,000 Likes on the Dog Bless You Facebook Page brings a service dog to a war vet suffering from PTSD.

“We want to raise awareness about the amazing role dogs can play in the lives of veterans and people who suffer from emotional and psychological damage – while giving everyone a chance to participate through a zero-cost contribution,” said Weingarten.

The Annenberg Foundation,, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and a collection of nonprofit organizations are collaborating on this $500,000 challenge grant to bring dogs to soldiers in need.

The campaign launched over Memorial Day weekend and within ten days enlisted over 30,000 people, resulting in donations to six service dog organizations that support our troops.”

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    I wish I had known about this. I would have posted it on our Barking Planet Blog. Alas, I have been away too long from your sites.

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