Just Being There…

Every now and then, you get a foster case with absolutley no hope. A dog too far gone from human neglect, and the afflictions brought on by that abuse. In those cases, you can only be there for them, until the time comes to set them free from their pain and suffering. This is the most difficult task one has to face. As an abandoned dog’s advocate, you must monitor their pain closely, and realize when the time right is to release them from their suffering. It is a decision that does not come easy, nor lightly, but this burden is the ultimate form of caring. At a time when an living being needs another so much, the greatest thing you can give is your love and comfort. It is the same as when you lose your own family. Perhaps you have not had years of companionship, but the bond of a dog can be fast and furious and leave a lasting impression on the human psyche. It is a task to rise to, to accept with courage and to perform with the utmost love.

This is what I was faced with recently, while fostering one of the worst cases of neglect I have ever witnessed. But although the situation was dire and the causes grim, my foster companion remained his true beautiful self…a loving , happy dog. It is strength that propelled me to love him as  much as humanly possible in the short time he had left. To see the inner beauty of a creature so forgiving of the evils of man. Such an experience touches you in a place deep inside. Never to be forgotten and always to be cherished.

Rest easy now boy, you mission here is completed.

June 24th Is Take Your Dog To Work Day.


Yep, there’s a day for that….June 24th is Take Your Dog To Work Day. From the day Raja joined our family, he came to work at the studio with us. His presence was invaluable in many ways.

Once I was recording a band in a Hollywood recording studio. After hours of trying to record a good performance on a song, the drummer became very frustrated and accompanied by much cursing, flung his drumsticks across the studio. He then sat behind his drum set silently steaming, angry he could not get the performance he needed. As the producer, it is my job to get the best performance out of artists and to defuse situations like this, which do arise from time to time. Creative artists can be shall we say, more than a little emotional at times. What to say in such a delicate situation? Without a word to the drummer, I got up and let Raja out into the recording studio from the control room. Raja proceeded to trot over to the drummer and plop his head on his lap, where he looked up at him with those big brown Retriever eyes, while wagging his tail in sweeping friendly arcs.

The drummer laughed and petted Raja’s head as he said, “Okay, I’m an idiot.”

It defused the tension immediately and he got the track in the next take. Raja always has a way of sensing just the right thing to do at the right time. This is what made him so valuable in the studio.

Our current Golden Retriever, Kona comes to work with us everyday, so it’s nothing new for him, but it may be an eye opening experience for others. It doesn’t hurt that Kona is a registered therapy dog either; he knows all the ins and outs of working. Having a well behaved dog around the office can do some of the following:

  • reduce stress
  • lower your blood pressure
  • ease anxiety
  • enhance communication
  • improve motivation

We know having Kona around makes the long hours in the studio go by with lots of smiles, besides who doesn’t love to take a break and throw a frisbee around? And Kona is one of the coolest producers we know.